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Guiffy Software, Inc (Shareware)
Guiffy is a visual file compare, diff merge and folder compare tool for Windows
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Visual diff merge tool and folder compare
Guiffy eXpert is a visual file compare Diff tool, Merge tool, and Folder compare tool all-in-one that makes comparing, merging, and upgrading sources as easy and reliable as possible. Guiffy comes with: command line interfaces, an API package, Eclipse and NetBeans integrations and Explorer integration. Guiffy recognizes over 150 source file encoding formats (such as UTF8, UTF16, and many other mutlti-byte formats). Advanced visual compare features include in-line difference highlighting and syntax highlighting for more than 20 source code languages. Our Trustworthy 3-way merge, SureMerge, was designed from day 1 to avoid all the problems that plague other 3-way diff based merge tools. SureMerge surpasses all other merge tools with its intelligent hybrid algorithms and ease-of-use. See our SureMerge White Paper which includes test kit files for evaluating 3-way merge tools. Guiffy is implemented entirely in Java with a Swing GUI. Its cross-platform and available for: Windows(2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 2012, Vista x32 and x64, Windows 7 x32 and x64, Windows 8 x32 and x64, Windows 10 x32 and x64), MacOS X, Linux(any architecture or distribution), Unix(Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Others), and any Java-enabled platform. This download includes an easy-to-use Windows installer.
Technical details
Guiffy eXpert Windows 12.2-563 for Windows
Java Runtime 1.9 or newer
OS Support:
Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
Swedish, Spanish, French, German, English, Italian
Release date:
September 1, 2023
Guiffy eXpert Windows 12.2-563 Changelog

Updated Help documentation. Bugs fixed: Exit while saving a very large file can result in not saving the complete file. Compare Report (HTML) change with 1st file line normal length, 2nd file line VERY long, 2nd file view empty. The special characters in the UI are not displayed correctly.