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IntegriTech Inc. (Shareware)
mysys is a fast system wide file finder. For people with lots of files.
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mysys is a fast system wide file finder
A Window into your System! Do you have alot of files? Do you spend too much time navigating hundreds of folders? Do you sometimes forget where a file is? mysys will be your new home away from all the pesky folders! News Flash: Version 2 now reads the file tables directly dramatically improving DB creation speed! If you have mapped network or encrypted drives a popup will ask which ones to include in the database. Those drives will take longer to index depending on the network connection speed. CD/DVD/Flash drives will not be indexed, only Fixed drives and optionally Network/encrypted drives. Use the Schedule button to create a Windows Task Schedule so the indexing happens at a time which is most convenient. To delete the task just click Cancel. Once the database is created you are ready to find files, fast! In the top left text box, type any filename and hit enter or click Search. Wild cards are supported such as read*.txt. You can use AND/OR/- like: this OR that the - is to exclude like: this -notthat Use double quotes to find whole phrases. Use brackets like: (afoldername or anotherfolder) and (*.c or *.rc or *.h) For that example you would check on the 'Include folder names' option and probably the 'Exact match' option also otherwise will find *.cs, *.css, *.hpp, etc... You can use the Containing text box to search within the files found. Contents are never indexed but uses a fast highly multi-threaded algorithm. File sizes, Dates and Attributes are all read live off the disk, these are not stored in the database.
Technical details
mysys 5.0 for Windows
Windows 7 x64
OS Support:
Win2000, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 10, WinServer, WinOther, WinVista, WinVista x64
Release date:
January 28, 2024
mysys 5.0 Changelog

Added support for AsciiDoc, ReST, man, LaTeX and SVG files (.adoc .asciidoc .rst .man .1 .tex .svg) in the Web Browser tab. Added full support for epub files, including images, etc.. in the Web Browser tab. Added rudimentary support for Ebooks (.azw .azw3 .mobi .azw4 .djvu) in the Web Browser tab.