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Date,Chat,Meet single people worldwide, livestream with like-minder people
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Date,Chat,Meet single people worldwide, lives
FaceCast is a new social community for young and active people to meet new friends, find dates, and form meaningful connections easily. What makes FaceCast special? -After following each other, you can message your friends with no limit. -Meet new people all over the world here, and they are young, good-looking and highly active who can respond to your messages immediately. -FaceCast is free to download and use for everyone who like chatting with strangers. FaceCast Highlights - GPS tech helps you find your soulmate nearby. - Connecting to real people of different countries and culture in 1 on 1 video chat will definitely surprise you! - Share your moments and updates as a post in the square, and everyone can see it! - Breaking language barriers by AI automatic translation to realize unlimited chatting. - Massive and various styles of broadcasting rooms for you to join and Chat freely. - No limit to go live and get featured in the videos and live streams. How it works [Charming Live Streaming] The live streaming is available for everyone. You can just go live in the broadcasting room without level and follower number limits. Broadcasters come from all over the world, 7*24 Hours online, sharing their lives and showing talents to amuse you. Hold your live party online. Come to invite your friends to have fun! Abundant special effects and gifts are available just in one click. Display your charm to your favorite live streamers that just fits you. [1 on 1 video chat] (1)Match and get a video call with cool people instantly. Come to meet your Ms. /Mr. Right here ! (2)Help you meet new friends and expand new social circles. [Instant Message Chatting] (1)You can have instant chatting with others in FaceCast. Follow the people you are interested in with one click. Send a greeting to catch his/her eye, then get to know each other! (2) Users can send and receive texts, photos, emojis, videos, and voice messages.
Technical details
FaceCast 2.5.05 for Android
OS Support:
Swahili, Croatian, Russian, Cambodian, ChineseSimplified, Faeroese, Burmese, Interlingue, Czech, Chinese, Ukrainian, Interlingua, Spanish, Dutch, Sudanese, French, Afrikaans, Indonesian, Azerbaijani, Finnish, Arabic, Danish, Bulgarian, Tamil, Korean, Japanese, Persian, Telugu, English, Inupiak, Turkish, Irish, Urdu, ChineseTraditional, Vietnamese, Byelorussian, Italian, Yiddish, Laothian
Release date:
October 9, 2020
FaceCast 2.5.05 Changelog

1. Add double-click moment likes to express your love quickly! 2. Add a reminder of unread messages in the live broadcast room, don't miss every message! 3. Optimize the visual and interactive experience of some original interfaces 4. Bug fix and experience improvement