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Classics For X (Freeware)
Front-end to configure DOSBox settings for each DOS based game separately.
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Front-end to configure DOSBox settings.
Macintosh (Intel only) Front-end application to configure DOSBox settings for each DOS based game separately and to run these games directly from within the Front-end with using DOSBox. As sources of DOSBox are supported the plain DOSBox (which is available from dosbox.com itself), as well as the DOSBox binary file included in the Macintosh version of DBGL, which is another DOSBox front-end. Plus, it supports a variety of other DOSBox ports made for Macintosh, including SVN versions made between main versions, also supporting their special features. Supports DOSBox versions 0.65 up to 0.74-3.
Technical details
Dapplegrey 8.5.1 for OS X
Mac OS X 10.10
OS Support:
Mac OS X,
German, English
Release date:
January 29, 2023
Dapplegrey 8.5.1 Changelog

When using IMGMAKE, the maximum value of the sector size slider has been fixed. Now offers up to 255, when using DOSBox-X, and up to 16, when using other DOSBox ports. Machine mode VGAonly will no longer switch back to SVGA_S3. Options for Machine modes VESA and PC98 will be remembered correctly now