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Website link checker. with Exporting, XML Sitemap, SEO and spelling
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Easily find your website's broken links + mor
All the features of Integrity Plus and more. Website link checker - uses Integrity's fast, efficient, accurate engine. Manage as many sites as you like, with individual settings for each. Search boxes and filter buttons. Search your data, filter it, export it. Export an xml sitemap for submission to the search engines (and in other formats too). Option to include images and pdf files. Set up rules for your priority / change frequency or edit these manually. Adds SEO checks and spell checking
Technical details
Integrity Pro 12.6.2 for OS X
MacOS 10.14 or higher
OS Support:
Mac OS X,
Release date:
January 27, 2023
Integrity Pro 12.6.2 Changelog

Fixes pdf documents (if being checked) were being included in some SEO tests that should only apply to html pages Some default thresholds for the SEO tests updated Other small fixes and enhamcements