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JXCirrus (Freeware)
Turn a task list into a full project plan - Simply and automatically.
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Simplify project planning - Automatically.
roject planning and tracking is hard! Changes creep in, people leave or join the team, work is completed out of order. This is where JXCirrus Project steps in. Rather than you making up a project plan, just let it do the planning for you, simply, quickly and automatically. JXCirrus Project makes a complete new plan every time anything in the project changes (such as new work being added, or new team members joining). It even makes a new one when work units are completed. This means that the plan is always up to date, and you find out about problems with enough time to solve them. As well as being a project planning tool, JXCirrus Project works just as well as a multi-person diary. Diary features include journal entries, appointments and addressbooks. JXCirrus Project scales to meet your needs. We don't know what the upper limit is yet, but we do know that it can track a whole department, with 20 live projects, 20,000 man hours of work, and 3,000 separate work units. JXCirrus Project adapts to the way you work. Projects can be structured however you like. It can handle construction, infrastructure, home projects, IT (Waterfall, Agile and anything in between). Features: - Real-time monitoring of remaining time, time spent, predicted completion date. - Create advanced repeating or ongoing tasks. - Handle complicated dependencies between tasks. - Quickly enter time spent against tasks using a timesheet form. - Record a baseline against part or all of a project. - Track public holidays and annual leave for staff. - Record one-off or regular meetings. - Easily save your data to cloud services. - Allow people to split work hours between several project areas.
Technical details
JXCirrus Project for Mac 4.0.00 for OS X
No requirements.
OS Support:
Mac OS X,
Release date:
November 2, 2022
JXCirrus Project for Mac 4.0.00 Changelog

Enhancements: - Upgrade to repeating tasks and events. - Improvements to automatic time allocation. - Addition of focus mode. - Upgrade to quick notes. Bug Fixes: - Fixes to popup dialogs. - Stability improvements for cloud sync.