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Tembo: Easy and Effective File Search. Find files. Fast!
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Tembo: Easy and Effective File Search
Tembo: Easy and Effective File Search. Tembo finds files, folders, music, photos, ... . Tembo shows results grouped by file type. Initially, the top 10 matches for each group are shown. Often enough you will find the sought for file right here. Drill-down into a group reveals up to 10'000 results alongside context-sensitive filters. These help narrow down the results list. The 'Messages' group, for example, has filters on subject, sender and recipient. The 'Images' group has filters for resolution and file type. Why use Tembo rather than Spotlight or the Finder? - You'll be faster to find the files you are looking for - Easy to use interface - Grouped search results - Up to 10'000 results in each group - Context-sensitive filters What filters are available? - Bookmarks: Type, URL Domain - Documents: File Type - Fonts: File Type - Images: Resolution, File Type - Messages: Subject, From, To - Movies: File Type, Codec - Music: Artist, File Type - PDF Documents: Author - Source Code: File Type Which files can Tembo find? Tembo is based upon the Spotlight index and engine. Tembo can find any file indexed by Spotlight. This includes files in the Library folders. This excludes many low-level system files.
Technical details
Tembo 3.1.1 for OS X
macOS 12.3 Monterey through macOS 14 Sonoma. Spotlight enabled
OS Support:
Mac OS X,
French, German, English
Release date:
September 22, 2023
Tembo 3.1.1 Changelog

* Updated for macOS 14 Sonoma * Caveat: Apple Mail on macOS 14 no longer accepts plug-ins. Tembo will not be able to search your Apple Mail messages * Various bug fixes. Thank you for reporting bugs